Here we go…

It’s been a complicated few years. But through it all, reading with our two kids (now 6 and nearly 4) has been the most uncomplicated pleasure.

There have been maybe hundreds of imagination-firing stories, stand-out characters, great/terrible jokes, most of which we haven’t shared beyond our little family unit. 

This is a crying shame. But that changes now. From here on in, I will be flagging all sorts of treasures, on this blog and on Instagram @storieswitheverything

I won’t be writing as an expert or a critic. I am not a librarian, author, illustrator, bookseller or publisher, but I will pick the brains/shelves of such marvellous people whenever I can, as well as friends and other parents, grandparents, relatives, godparents and of course, kids.

I want to celebrate books new to me and old to me, recent creations or ones unearthed in a charity shop or on a library shelf.

I should admit, I am most likely to write about books for under 10s, just because that’s where we are now, but I will be exploring and seeking recommendations of the wonders out there for older kids too.






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