Book Survivors

Which book has the honour of being the most trashed in your children’s collection? 

My daughter, 4, selected You Choose by as a bedtime book the other night, and it practically fell apart as we were reading it.

This book by Pippa Goodhart and @nick.sharratt did come to us new, believe it or not. It was a gift from my brother, sister-in-law and my two nieces (themselves big You Choose fans), when my son turned one. Over the six years since then it has been read to near-destruction, travelled widely, regularly shoved into a bag to keep us going out and about. This level of wear-and-tear is really the highest compliment, and richly deserved by this book. It’s a book which asks children to bring themselves to it on every page; to speak more than listen; to pore over and point at the endless options in Nick Sharratt’s amazing illustrations.

We also have Just Imagine, which is well worn, but not quite as trashed, and You Choose in Space a gift when both kids were a little older so it’s still in fairly good nick.

But You Choose is more than ready for its next layer of sticky tape.

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