Image by Eloise Pitts

I’m Naomi.

My story mightn’t have everything, but it has some things: multiple locations. Moments of early promise (writing cover stories! a book!). Glamour (aka annoying George Clooney). Deep disillusionment. A new start. Two births. Another new start.

The most recent chapters have taken me from rain-lashed – and often gorgeous – Swansea, South Wales, to bone-dry – and often gorgeous – Western Australia. I have lived in Perth since October 2018, with my husband and children, now aged 7 and 4.

For the biggest chunk of my working life, I made my living as a features journalist in London, UK. I worked on staff of the award-winning Saturday Telegraph Magazine of The Daily Telegraph and later at Harper’s Bazaar UK. I also wrote for publications including New Statesman, FT magazine, The Observer, Vogue (UK) and ELLE (US). I wrote scores of features, most often covering the arts, entertainment and fashion, and interviewed subjects including Kings of Leon, Bjork, Charlize Theron, Mark Rylance.

In 2010 I began working in schools – a brilliant and intense learning experience – and completed my training as an English teacher at a London Secondary school in 2013 while pregnant with my son.

Since having children, I haven’t written much. Starting this has made me realise what I have been missing. I get a kick out of it, and hope you will get a kick out of it too.